HVG Website Refurb

It took a lot of effort and lots of goes, but the updated website is now live and looks good: HVG Decorative Building Products Website.


There is still much more to do, but it looks better than it used to. Besides, it is heaps more practical and user-friendly.

The email that went out to the stuff at the launch of the updated version read as follows:

Hi all,

This email is to inform you that our website www.hvgbuilding.com.au has undergone a bit of refurbish and now is in the process of a further clean-up.

So what we have changed so far:

  1. Got rid of different entry points for consumers and professionals (we do not work with end users most of the time, so there is no point in cluttering the website)
  2. Changed the header images (most of the time it will be a surface that we sell – like Wilsonart for example..) The main idea was to get rid of honey comb in the first place, but I will be looking for suitable images/ideas further.
  3. The top Menu was restructured. We had Products// Products by Usage// Virtual House// Visualiser// News// Knowledge Centre// Inspiration// Contact// Cart// Search. Now we have a shorter and a handier menu.
  4. Visualiser has Virtual House as a sub-menu. Visualiser renders only some colours of our range, Virtual House is pretty basic still. But at the moment we do not put high priority to it, as it is extremely expensive to re-develop these parts of the website.
  5. News, Knowledge centre and Inspiration are re-positioned and a new menu section Media is in place.
  6. Double up Products and Products by Usage is gone, and new Product Intro is added.
  7. Two new sections are added: Technical Data and These are meant to make our customers’ lives easier by providing the necessary information quicker. Please let me know if you need more questions added to FAQs.
  8. Weekly Blog is launched in Media section, that is optimised for web search. This is supposed to provide quick and easy read to anyone interested, but the main purpose is adding keyword-intensive content to our website for better performance in Google search. As of next FY we will look into investing some budget into GoogleAds too.
  9. Videos, Project Photos and Corporate News are located in the Media section with pretty much same purpose.