Marketing at No Cost: How to Survive When Your Budget Is Zero

And this post is a reflection on how I am going to work further.. Only this morning I got a note from my manager (who is holding the division budget and gets updates on sales, spends, returns, etc.) saying “no more marketing spends till the end of financial year”.. that means that 6 months (or half a year) I will be working with money allocated ONLY to the basic and necessary needs.

The message was “If anyone needs anything done, say NO MONEY!”.. Now tell me, what I am supposed to be doing with no money for ads, for brochures, for events, and all the rest..??

well, obviously there IS an answer.. I will be doing the “free” stuff.. or low-cost stuff.. Reminder to myself – explore guerrilla marketing in detail and dig into DIGITAL!! I am pretty sure there is the way to go without budget at all as long you have time 🙂