Presentation: Some Things to Remember About

Hey there,

As I am going through a process of getting our conference ready I just thought I can share some ideas on presentations.. You know – people sitting there the whole day, yawning, browsing Facebook, checking emails and trying survive this exciting day.

But this type of reaction can (and must) be avoided. No matter what kind of presentation you have – you can make it exciting, engaging and motivating.

Look, let’s make it clear. People like to listen to a speaker, rather than a reader.. and they actually are here to listen – not to read. So, looks like this should pre-determine how you put your presentation together.

The presentation is about you TALKING, and slides showing on the background. So please forget about putting your entire speech on the slides, all in bullet points. 🙂 This will NOT work.

I usually use PowerPoint and all its basic features at the moment, as people we are going to talk with are more into facts and basic information. But there are several free resources for those who want their presentation shine bright! Here we go with my favourite two – enjoy!

..and here is their presentation on a great presentation! A must-read for anyone getting ready to present something publicly!!

.. and here is their blog post on A Secret to a Perfect Powtoon – lovely read for a lunchbreak!