Most of the time marketing communications are not at all difficult. You know the market you work in, you see what your customers want and you notice your competitors’ activity around.. It takes a bit of time to read through some useful resources and you will be able to do pretty much everything yourself.  The question is – do you have time to do it all yourself? Or maybe you want to outsource some marketing tasks and focus on strategic ones instead? If you feel you need some help and not sure where to start- start with my free online consultation..

For free consultation you will need to download, fill in and send to maria@kbfcompany.com this Marketing Communications Brief. I will ask additional questions if needed, and will send you some recommendations on how to achieve your business goals within your specified budget.

If you know what marketing help you require at this moment, please let me know and we’ll go from there. It’s all SIMPLE!

I can help your business with

Traditional media

Logo/ Branding

Advertisement copy (print media or web)


Print collateral

Digital marketing


EDMs (bulk emails)


Social Media


Multilevel tasks

Launching new product/service

Auditing current marketing activities

Developing promotion strategy

Creating customer engagement programs


Ad campaigns

And many things more… if I cannot help you, I will refer you to people who can!!