Lightboxes: The Slowest Project in My Career

The slowest project in my life is the creation and installation of lightboxes in our new meeting room. We could not find and choose photos, we could not approve the designs, the resolution of the photos was questioned, etc., etc., etc..

This project started just before Christmas and has been going on and on and on. And finally today (after almost half a year in the making) we installed the lightboxes on the walls and can finally tick the project as *completed*!

/feeling accomplished/

More Interactive PDFs

Not long ago I created an interactive pdf file. Now, when it turned out to be pretty simple – I got a chance to create two more.

Text Fields, Dropdown options and tick boxes – all in one! Check my form here!  You gotta love pdf creator! 🙂


p.s. – the feature photo is a tiny sticker with contact details.. simple and easy!


The Conference is Over

So the conference is over, and the feedback we received was amazing from both the participants and the management. I feel very proud that I was part of such a successful event.

We had around 30 participants – flying in from all  over Australia to discuss our new sales strategy and new product launches. Mark had booked the conference room in Rydges with all catering included, we brought the samples and all the hand-outs in and kicked off the conference on Monday morning.

A bit of stats:

  • 2 days,
  • 30 people
  • 7 in-house presentations, around 1 hour each
  • 4 guest speakers
  • 3 new products internally launched
  • 2 morning teas, 2 lunches, 1 team-building activity and 1 dinner
  • 41 documents on the USB handed out to the team.


Here is a couple of quotes from Elaine’s email:

“…Just a quick email to personally thank you for what has been a great Conference. Believe me, I have been to many over the years and this by far outshines most.

I can only speak for myself, but from conversations had since believe that everyone who attended feels the same and has come  away with an enormous enthusiasm and excitement for all the opportunities that lie ahead with these new products…”

“…It is apparent that you have worked some tireless hours to formulate and make it such a great and enjoyable couple of days. Thank you, I have benefited greatly from what I have learnt and look forward to now presenting,  promoting these new products to the market and growing sales..”

Such a lovely person to put it all in writing! Such a great conference to be part of!

Sample Wall Board: HVG Samples in Nobby Showroom

And a nice little project for Nobby Kitchens that partner with a number of product manufacturers and distributors. Their showroom is decorated with all the possible samples of products for retail customers ordering kitchens. So the board we installed in three showrooms of Nobby Kitchens were cut to the specific size and had samples that were best selling in Nobbys. Printed on 10mm Smartex provided to me by another HVG division, approved by Nobbys owner, samples attached by our Samples Room person and the boards installed by our sales reps. Thanks to everyone involved for such a pretty and highly functional result at the end. 🙂



Getting Ready for Christmas

Couple of months ago HVG CEO was contacted by a company in regards to wines with corporate labels. Our CEO picked two wines, that were supposed to be branded, packed in free two bottle boxes and delivered to our state branches.

This is how the artwork looked (the picture of an email signature above is same design)

The actual print looked absolutely awful: the colours were dirty-yellowish. The suppliers had not provided the actual proof of the wine label, so we initiated product complaint. To the honour of the suppliers they had no delay in offering us 50% refund after seeing the photos of the actual wine labels. The CEO was OK with that, so we ended up having 50% back and lots of good wine with low quality labels to send to our partners.

wine labels