Colours in Print – How to Get it Right

Well, you know some businesses are very sensitive to colours. The one I work in – decorative surfaces – is ALL ABOUT COLOURS. In this industry it is critical to get a brochure printed with colours that are as close to the original as possible, so getting the colour swatches right is just one big task 🙂

While some changes can be obtained via the printing process and printer settings, some colours you won’t get until you correct them in graphic design software.

It’s all about patience and good relationships with your printer 🙂

Team Power: The Insert Card for a Binder

I’ve always known that the team is the biggest asset of a company. One of our team came up with an idea of hand-made laminated card for our SmartPanel binder, and we made a decision to roll it out in all states. Very practical and quite low-cost: I did graphic design, and the printers did 2000 copies for around 400 dollars in Melbourne, free delivery to Sydney. Easy!

team team

Lightboxes: The Slowest Project in My Career

The slowest project in my life is the creation and installation of lightboxes in our new meeting room. We could not find and choose photos, we could not approve the designs, the resolution of the photos was questioned, etc., etc., etc..

This project started just before Christmas and has been going on and on and on. And finally today (after almost half a year in the making) we installed the lightboxes on the walls and can finally tick the project as *completed*!

/feeling accomplished/

Meet My Latest Work Baby: Durallo Sample Folder

This is my favourite project at the moment that I’ve been working at for couple of months now.

It all started with briefing the agency in Cronulla called United Yeah – they are expensive, but gosh they are good! United guys developed the brand name and put together all the brand guidelines, then we evolved together.

So, Durallo is a kitchen splashback and panel used in a number of applications. Actually, this product has been known in the building industry under a different name, and showed itself perfectly, so the company management decided to re-brand the product and take another niche under a different name. And that’s how Durallo appeared.

After couple of iterations United Yeah finalised Durallo 4 page brochure, couple of technical pdfs, and my favourite sample folder.

Our Chinese partners sent the the update and now my little (around A4 actually) folders are on their way to Sydney. I will post pics of the actual mass product when it arrives.