SEO vs. GoogleAds

It’s been a while since I updated my website, so hello again and welcome back! 🙂

Not long ago I visited a workshop by NetRegistry who were promoting their services in digital marketing to small business owners and marketers. Even though it was obviously a “sales” workshop, I found it quite interesting and informative.

The best part was the opportunity to interact with the presenter and the team after the official part was over, but I had to rush back to the office to another meeting.

I managed to ask a question, which is quite critical for my employer now. And I am pretty sure a lot of businesses can relate.

“Which is better SEO or Paid when the budget is tight?”

The answer was quite straightforward.

Search Engine Optimisation takes a lot of time and effort. The core part is creating and curating content – SE-friendly texts, video-content which is bigger and bigger now, captivating images and infographics. It all takes 3-6 months to kick in and start working for you.

On the other hand if you pay for GoogleAds and put up your offer just in front of your customer in Google, you will be able to trace conversions and see which keywords bring more sales straight away. And that’s when you start the long process of optimisation.

I found this quite self-explanatory, and interesting in terms of strategic direction for digital efforts.




Colours in Print – How to Get it Right

Well, you know some businesses are very sensitive to colours. The one I work in – decorative surfaces – is ALL ABOUT COLOURS. In this industry it is critical to get a brochure printed with colours that are as close to the original as possible, so getting the colour swatches right is just one big task 🙂

While some changes can be obtained via the printing process and printer settings, some colours you won’t get until you correct them in graphic design software.

It’s all about patience and good relationships with your printer 🙂

Lightboxes: The Slowest Project in My Career

The slowest project in my life is the creation and installation of lightboxes in our new meeting room. We could not find and choose photos, we could not approve the designs, the resolution of the photos was questioned, etc., etc., etc..

This project started just before Christmas and has been going on and on and on. And finally today (after almost half a year in the making) we installed the lightboxes on the walls and can finally tick the project as *completed*!

/feeling accomplished/

More Interactive PDFs

Not long ago I created an interactive pdf file. Now, when it turned out to be pretty simple – I got a chance to create two more.

Text Fields, Dropdown options and tick boxes – all in one! Check my form here!  You gotta love pdf creator! 🙂


p.s. – the feature photo is a tiny sticker with contact details.. simple and easy!


Expression of Interst pdf

That was first experience for me to put together an interactive pdf for our sales managers. Basically, they needed a little presentation of the company with a list of products we distribute – to be able to introduce themselves and the company. They also needed fields where hey could put Company name and their own details – done through pdf forms.

I had a go with that and was quite successful, according to the feedback I received afterwards.


Check it out here: expression-of-interest-document-compressed