Print Collateral

Print collateral is an important part of online and especially offline business. You need to give people something to remind about you and the product or service you offer. Apart from you business cards, there is quite a number of print products you can use to inform or remind about your business. All types of flyers, brochures, leaflets, books and other marketing collateral are here to help you in your mission. Those are a great tool for telling your story or motivating to make an order, so we all must take printing very serious.

From my own experience, the process of printing can go wrong at any stage, so when you decide to print, keep the following in mind:

  1. agree on terms and conditions with the designer in advance. Either it is a fixed price for the print-ready project, or you are going to pay for any minor thing you are going to alter during designing process (I once ended up paying $1.5K for a 1-page EDM layout, because the designer I was using charged me for every comment/change I had to make due to approval process in the company)
  2. send out the request to quote to the printing companies with great testimonials and recommendations. You always need to have several quotes before you make the decision. Make sure they all quote on the same paper, number of colours (or PMSs) and time of delivery.
  3. usually the printers deliver your order, but you may want to consider picking it up if very tight on the budget.
  4. the hard copy proof can cost you $100+ extra depending on the amount of pages. If the company never failed before, you may want to consider pdf proof instead.
  5. determine the ETA with the printer. They can be very busy sometimes and if you do not mention the deadline you can miss.
  6. as soon as you receive your order make sure you check the quality of print and quality delivered. Printers also make mistakes sometimes, so double checking must become your second nature 🙂

I printed quite a bit recently, but still something can happen from time to time.. Like, in this wine labels printing. Printing and actually manufacturing sample folders in China was a great experience so far, as per my project Durallo Sample Folder.