This part of the website will showcase anything I am working at.

Most likely I will not go into some boring (but absolutely crucial) questions of ordering product samples from suppliers. I will probably also leave behind the questions of negotiating pricing or creating technical documents, like this TechData Sheet. No doubt, it is all very important and definitely needs to be done, but I get more excited about other things.

I am very interested in digital marketing – something to do with websites and content marketing, as well as SMM (social media marketing) and EDM (electronic direct mail).

I also absolutely enjoy designing and printing things, like printed flyers, brochures and all sort of cards, creating binders and sample folders, branding merchandise for promotional purposes.

All other interesting projects will be placed here – participating in events and getting ready for workshops, adverts in print media, and other campaigns and ticked tasks will be coming to that folder in Projects. Any comments please email! 🙂

Another way – and probably a better one – would be going through Categories on the right side of the page and picking something of interest for you. Categories are updated on a more regular basis.